Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of the New School Year!

This past Tuesday was the first day of school for the kids in our city and suburbs. While Belle has been at daycare everyday through the whole summer her daycare runs on a school schedule. Her daycare is also more known for their preschool and pre-k. So even though she is in the toddler room she still has a pretty structured day.

Tuesday was the first day of the school year at The Bug. It wasn’t officially a first day of preschool or kindergarten or even just a first day of school since she is still in the same class with the same friends (we have a couple new friends) and the same teacher. But it was technically a first day of the school year. So we took some pictures to start off her first day of school picture collection.

Ok that’s a lie. I have these from her very first day at the The Bug ever.

But since The Bug runs on a school year schedule I thought it would be cute to document her first day of school from the very beginning all the way until she graduates high school. I highly doubt she will let me take pictures of her on her first day of college. But I will try!

So here she is in all her toddler room glory…

Belle's "Cheese" Face!

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