Monday, August 29, 2011

Not My Best Morning

I am off today from work. I decided after Belle and my last day off together that I will send her to daycare this morning so I could go grocery shopping and get some stuff done around the house. We both slept in a little today and then the morning went pretty smooth until I walked out the door and realized I didn't have my keys. Yup I locked myself out. Best part, my cell phone was in the house too. So I tried the back door knowing it was locked. I grabbed a chair hoping I could pop out a screen from one of the bedrooms and get in the house. Nope. Which is good to know. So I unbuckled Belle out of the car seat and we headed across the street. Thankfully our neighbor does not work and she was home. She let me use her phone to call The Hubs and then let Belle and I stay there until he got home.

Of course he was not happy with me, but it’s really not like I did it on purpose. So I dropped Belle off at The Bug, which 9 am is apparently crazy drop off time. Her class was getting ready to go outside but she was going to be in the other toddler room who was eating breakfast, which was good cause it all the chaos Belle had not eaten yet. In the lobby the summer campers were lining up for their field trip and the director was giving a tour and we had new kids that were starting in the baby room. Crazy busy.

I did get my grocery shopping done, quickly and quietly without Belle crying, asking for cheese at the deli, wanting to walk, grabbing stuff off shelves, or asking for stickers at the register. It was actually a nice trip. After I was able to get the living room floor swept up. I ate a small breakfast and am now going to start working on finishing up some decorations for Belle's party. It's under a month away, about three weeks away, which means we are only 4 weeks away from Disney!!!

I am going to try and do a tutorial on the ribbon topiaries that I am making for Belle's party. So cute, and super easy.

Hopefully the locking myself out incident is the only one today and the rest of the day will go smoothly. I can only hope right?

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