Friday, July 1, 2011

My Big Girl, When Did This Happen?

Last Saturday my work had their annual family picnic at a local amusement park called Fantasy Island. We are lucky in this area that we have two amusement parks, one that use to be owned by Six Flags that is pretty good and then this one that is tiny and for the most part good for younger kids. The kiddie area is huge. Since this year the picnic was at Fantasy Island we decided to go.

Ok for starters The Hubs and I realized that we have been dumb for the last 6 years not to go to the family picnics because we don’t have kids. For a discounted price we get admission to the park and food and drinks all day. They had called for rain all day but we lucked out and didn’t rain at all. It was overcast with sun coming out here and there and it was actually a pretty comfortable day. Belle was still too little to go on many of the rides but she LOVED the ones she was able to go on.

We had asked my mom if she wanted to go with us. She got to ride some rides with Belle and took Belle for a walk to get her to nap while The Hubs and I rode some bigger rides. We felt guilty for going on some rides but apparently my mom isn’t much into rides anymore. That will change when we go to Disney cause she is going on rides!

Like I said Belle loved the rides and am so excited for Disney now. The nice thing about Disney is that there are only a handful of rides in each park that Belle can’t do. She will be able to ride close to everything with us. Disney is going to be great!

While walking in we spotted an Olde Tyme Photo place. My mom and I of course decided that Belle had to do it. We ended up doing it at the very end of the day. Belle had only napped for about 30 minutes the entire day. She wasn’t cranky but she wasn’t happy to have strange clothes on and strangers trying to get her to smile. Her pout makes the photo that much better I think.

While watching Belle on the rides I quickly realized what a big girl she has become. I can’t believe how big and how much older she looks right now. She is quickly becoming a big girl and I am not ready for it.

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