Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Cork Factory

On Sunday we left Hershey and headed to Lancaster PA. We called ahead to ask if we can check in at 2 instead of 3 since the wedding was at 3:30. Thankfully the reception was being held in the hotel and basically everyone checking in for the wedding was allowed to.

The hotel is called Cork Factory Hotel. It's only been open for about two years and is in an old cork factory. Hence the name. It is a really nice hotel and the rooms are amazing. Our room had the original old wooden ceilings and wooden beams plus a brick exterior wall. The bathroom was really nice with beautiful tile and granit counters.

The wedding itself was interesting. It was in a huge Church. So huge that it had a welcome center with maps, no lie. Also it had no air conditioning or fans and no windows that opened. We were asked to get there early because friends of the bride and groom would be playing music. They are huge music people, they had a choir at their ceremony. The music didn't start until the actual ceremony was suppose to start. Which of course the ceremony started late. It was near 90 outside and it was just plain hot inside the church. I did not get any pictures of the church which I should have because it was beautiful. But we were asked for no flash photography during the wedding.

The preist was kinda....mean I guess I would put it. During the middle of the ceremony he did his homily but it made a lot of uncomfortable and I did not feel like I was at a wedding. He went on about what is wrong with our country today and marriage. How people go into marriage lightly and its to easy to get a divorce and he even touched on gay marriage. Sidenote: Way to go New York State! So proud to live her.

Anyways it was very uncomfortable and wasn't appropriate for a wedding ceremony. The reception was nice. Different but nice. The cocktail hour was much longer then an hour and we watched them set up the reception around us as we waited to be let into the actual recpetion room. The cocktail hour was held in a room right outside and on a verranda. The reception was basically a really long dinner with about an hour of dancing. Our entree was served at 8:30 and the bride and groom left at 9:45 which was when every left.

We had a blast though. I got to meet a lot of The Hubs friends from high school and he loved cathching up with friends he hasn't seen or talked to in years because none of them live here anymore. It was a fabulous weekend away and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The outside of the hotel.

Patio for their restaurant. We ate breakfast here the next morning.

It was a great weekend away but I missed Belle like crazy and couldn't wait to get home to her. Sadly she was not as excited to see us and we were to see her. She actually cried and clung to grandma when it was time to leave. It took her a day but she finally realized we were home and didn't want to leave our side.

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