Monday, June 13, 2011

One going on 15

The Hubs and I are in some major trouble when Belle hits her teenage years. I truly believe that she was born with the ability to roll her eyes immediately, because people my 20 month old is a pro at it.
Last week Belle and I were outside, her in her pool, me in a chair watching her. She started taking a cup, filling it with water and dumping it out of the pool. I was fine with it until I realized that our grass was becoming one big mud pit in from of her pool. I nicely told her to cut it out a few times before I had to take the cup away.
Oh my God, major melt down in the middle of her pool. How dare I take that cup away from her, the world is now over as she knows it. After she calmed down I asked her if she was going to keep the water in the pool. She said yes. I handed to cup to her, as she took it she looked at me then the chair I had been sitting in and said "Go" as she waved me back to the chair.
Really??? It wasn't just “go”, it was a go I am done with you. Be gone. I texted The Hubs that his "cute" little girl he was just texting me about was going to get it. Apparently Belle is 20 months going on 15. I dread the teenage years. I was a horrible when I was a teenager. Talk about the Queen of drama. So I know that it will just be payback, because let’s face it, Belle is my daughter 100%.
For now I hope her little attitude stays in check and that we are still years away from the talking back and eye rolling...oh wait. We are already there. Yep, I believe all girls are born with this ability and can roll their eyes the minute they are born.

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