Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Holiday Weekend!

This past weekend was officially the kick-off of summer for our family. We welcomed summer the same way we have for as long as I can remember. We went camping.
We spent the weekend relaxing and having fun...in mud. Yup, like most of the country it has been raining nonstop here. So the campground was nothing but mud. As the weekend went on most of it began to dry out. Well, until the huge thunderstorms rolled in Sunday night. Thankfully at that point we had already spent the entire day out in the sun soaking in every last bit of it and having a great time.
Belle ready to go camping!

Belle and the boys playing on Uncle Nick's truck. See the muddy road?

This year we decided to leave the campground for a bit and take a ride into Bemus Point. We walked around there for a bit and took in the lake. It's such a beautiful lake. The pictures don't show even half of the lake. After walking around in the sun for a bit we decided to take the kids to Midway Park. It's a tiny little amusement park that is right on the lake. And when I say tiny I mean really really tiny. It's a State Park that was built back in the 1920's. On the lake was an old roller rink that now holds a concession stand and a gift shop. The park it's self has about 15 rides. You don't pay to enter, you just buy ride tickets. My mom bought the boys wrist bands so they could go on the rides as many times as they wanted. She then bought Belle a few tickets and we took her on her first ride ever.

Hotel on the lake that was built in the 1880's.

Chautauqua Lake.

I had to take this picture to show how high the water levels are. The very last
dock is where we docked last year on the boat. It's completely
 blocked off right now because the water is going right over it.

Such a beautiful day. Love this place!

She loved the train. She rode it about 3 times. We of course took her on the carousel as well. She like riding in the bench but didn't want any part of riding on the horse.
Belle waiting to go on some rides.

Nicky in an old bumber car.

Belle's first ride ever!

Daddy and Belle on the train.

Monday we decided to pack up early and hit the road, which ended up being a good thing. Since it was so muddy my mom’s camper and truck got stuck in the mud. My brother was able to get it out but blew one of his front tires in the process. His spare was good and he was able to switch it out but we ended up stopping on the thruway because the tire was coming loose and almost feel off. Oh what a weekend!

Everyone made it home safe and The Hubs and I finished off the weekend by grilling some hamburgers and I finished off my bottle of wine from the weekend. It was a nice end to a very tiring and hot weekend. And it's only going to get hotter today!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend with your friends and family. I hope you had a great cook out or went camping or even just soaked in the beautiful sunshine!

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