Monday, May 16, 2011

Out of the Mommy of the Year Running.

This past weekend I did not win Mother of the Year. At all. Friday was our big shopping trip that my mom and I have been planning for about 2 months now. Everything was set directions printed, coupons printed, diaper bag packed. And then Belle spent the car ride down throwing up. And here comes my big mommy fail. We kept going. I didn't turn around and take my sick girl home.
She slept pretty much the entire car ride (when she wasn't throwing up) sleeping. She slept pretty close to the entire shopping trip in her stroller. She didn't eat nor did she want anything to eat. We gave her water which in the end came back up too.
Yes, my child does not have pants on, whats it to ya?

On our way home when she wasn't getting any better and was now dry heaving and throwing up phlegm I began to panic. She has never been this bad before. Whenever she had a stomach bug she would throw up a few times in the morning and by afternoon she would be fine and at dinner time she would be eating. Not this time.
Belle and I made it home around 9 pm. I washed her down and got her into some clean jammies. My poor girl was tired and just wanted to snuggle. I laid down some blankets on her floor, made a pillow out of one of her blankets and used her pillow pet for me. There Belle and I laid on her floor for about a half hour before I knew that she would be ok for the night. I brought her to the couch snuggled her until she fell asleep and then laid her in her crib.
I laid down on the couch with the monitor in my hand and waited for The Hubs to come home. I wanted to cry. I felt like the worse mom in the world. I dragged her through a 3 hour car ride to another state and spent the day shopping and then another 3 hour car ride on the way home.
Belle and I spent the next two days inside. While the throwing up ended Friday night, the other end started up on Sunday. And Saturday was filled with a hungry whinny toddler. I still feel horrible taking Belle on Friday, but on Sunday as my child was miserable and whinny sitting on the floor begging to go outside, I knew it wasn't the worse thing I could have done. She slept comfortably like she would have at home. She was snuggled like she would have been at home. She was well taken care of by both mommy and grandma. And she spent the day outside, which happened to be a beautiful day.
My sick girl on Sunday.

Our shopping finds: Aero, Old Navy, Skechers, Van Heusen, Gymboree,
and 2 Carters bags.

And she was spoiled yet again by both mommy and grandma. Mommy may have spoiled herself a little too.

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