Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day Vase Craft

I thought I would post the craft that Belle and I did together for Grandma's Mother's Day gift. It came out really cute, and honestly wasn't all that time consuming.

Different colored tissue paper (I used 3 colors)
Pipe Cleaners
Pom Poms
Die Cut Flowers (I did something different)
Plastic Bottle (I used a Tropicana orange juice bottle)

In advance I had ripped the tissue paper into mismatched squares. I ripped up one sheet of each color which was way more then I needed.

For the flowers I took some left over scrapbook paper, the heavy stock kind, and let Belle finger paint it. After it was dry I cut out the flowers. I googled flower patterns and used two different sizes.

After she was done painting we started decorating the bottle with the tissue paper. I took a paint brush and painted the glue onto the bottle. We did one side at a time. Once the glue was on the bottle Belle decorated it with the tissue paper. It was a big bottle and I should have planned better. She did about a side and a half before she had enough. If I had planned better and we had more time I would have stopped and tried again later. But I had to finish the rest of the bottle. Once the bottle was dry I touched up any tissue paper that wasn't completely glued down by just painting some glue over it.

I don't have pictures of her gluing the tissue paper since it was just me with her at the time and I was holding the bottle for her.

I couldn't get the pipe cleaners to stick to the back of the flowers with glue so I just taped them. I glued the pom poms onto the center of the flower and then arranged the flowers in the vase.

To finish it off I printed out a poem I found on the internet and glued it to the vase.

All in all it was really easy and my mom loved it.

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