Monday, April 4, 2011

Belle's First Car!

This past weekend we actually had semi nice weather. It was still pretty cold but the sun was out and the snow was gone. So The Hubs and I took Belle outside to play. We decided to put her cozy coupe that she got for Christmas together.

The Hubs opened the box and started pulling parts out. Belle was thrilled. Apparently they have one at school. She climbed right into the car and was ready to go. Sadly it had no wheels, or steering wheel, or top. So she had to wait. She's not a very patient person.

After pulling the first couple pieces out we decided to take it inside to put together. The Hubs got the first two steps done and then decided to try the video since the instructions were giant pictures with arrows. Not very helpful at all.

It was going really well until he struggled with the top of the car. The pieces would not snap together like they easily did in the video. Needless to say it took a couple hours to get this car together. The video was only about 12 minutes long. The Hubs ended up with a purple swollen thumb from trying to push the pieces together. So there are no pictures of the process to get this put together.

This is the second toy we have had to put together for Belle that we have struggled with. I can only imagine what it will be like when we get her picnic water/sand table, and the easel we want to get her, and put her kitchen together, and the table and chair set. Can you tell our next project is her play room.

Belle loves it and it's the first thing she wants when we go outside to play now.

If you missed my post last week about the March for Babies, please check it out.

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