Friday, April 1, 2011

Pillow Prank

It was late afternoon, my sister would be home from school soon. I only had a little time to get this done. I walked into her room looked around and there it was. Her pillow in the pink pillowcase was sitting on top of her bed. I pulled it off quickly and ran out of her room. Now what to do with it?

I took the steps two at a time down to the basement. I need an idea, what am I going to do? I turned around and there it was. Sitting on my father's work bench was a roll of packaging tape. Perfect.

Turning around I quickly ran up the stairs and into my bed room. I carefully place everything out on my bed, the pillow, packaging tape, and scissors. How should I do this? Inside the pillow case, or the pillow and pillow case all together? No, just the pillow. I pulled out the pillow and picked up the packaging tape. Slowly I started to wrap her pillow in the packaging tape. Round and round the brown tape went around her pillow. Quickly her pillow began to look like a ball of tape. I think that's good, no, a couple more times around and it will be perfect. I finished with the tape and quickly cut it off. I picked up the pink pillowcase and shoved her pillow back in.

I stepped out of my room and took a look around, no one is home yet. I still have time. I turned the corner into her room and threw her pillow back on to her bed. Perfect. It doesn't even look like it's been touched. What time is it? Two forty five, I’m going to be late for work.

I grabbed my keys and bag for work and head out the door. As I am pulling away I see her walking up the drive way. I smile and give her a little wave, she returns my smile with a sneer. I hope I didn't give anything away. I pull out of the drive way and am on my way when I start laughing. She won't find her wrapped up pillow until she goes to bed tonight. The perfect prank!

This is for The Red Dress Clubs Red Writing Hood. This week’s prompt was to write from the perspective of someone who annoys you. This is a true story. My brother did indeed wrap my pillow in packaging tape when I was in high school. How this actually went down is fiction as I do not know how or why he did other then he is my brother and it was fun for him. My brother does annoy me, but I love him. I felt this would have been a good story for his prompt and to go along with today being April Fools Day.


  1. I love that this was based on a real prank.
    It sounds like he did it just because he could.

    I'd love to know how you reacted when you discovered that "tape ball" in your pillowcase.

  2. That was funny, I sort of figured it would be a good natured joke of some sort!

  3. That was a somewhat genius prank! Harmless, but annoying.


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