Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Part 1

I hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday weekend. Our weekend was full of Easter events. A couple Egg Hunts, a big breakfast, and an old fashion ham dinner, plus lots of Easter baskets.
On Saturday we packed up and were on the road to The Hubs father's house at 7:30 in the morning. The Hubs father lives two hours away from us and we left a half hour later then we wanted to. Belle's nana and papa signed her up for an Easter egg hunt at their church. The egg hunt was for 10 in the morning. So we had to get an early start and my mom was coming with us.

Belle did fabulous on the ride. She actually ended up sleeping for pretty much the whole ride down there. We made it more than enough time to get Belle changed into Easter dress number one. Her pretty blue dress that grandma bought her for school the day before.

Belle did amazing on the egg hunt. After getting help with the first two she was a pro at it. She was even finding eggs under the pews that mommy and daddy couldn't. Watching her crawl under to grab that prize was the cutest thing. She loved it. All the kids were lucky enough be able to get 16 each. This part of the egg hunt was organized very well. They made sure each kid was able to get eggs and split the kids into two groups, the younger kids 0-4 and then the older kids.

After the egg hunt we went back to The Hubs father's house. We sat and relaxed and Belle went through her Easter basket and some gifts. Nana was awesome and bought us a spare blanket. The Hubs and I have been searching for a spark blanket to the one Belle carries everywhere. I am so happy to have that new one tucked away in the drawer safely for when the original needs to be washed. Cause we are NEVER going to lose that thing. NEVER!

Belle did great on the way home. She was awake the whole two hours home and was an angel. Never whined or cried. She didn't even look for any toys. We then decided to stop for a small dinner when we got back home. Again Belle did great. She ate and was quiet and didn't disturb anyone. My little girl proved over the weekend that she will do great for the drive to Disney and in all the restaurants. She gets better each time we go to a restaurant. I just have to remember to bring her fork and spoon with us.
We had a great pre-Easter day.


  1. Looks like fun. She looks like a princess in that dress! Stopping by from the blog hop!

  2. She is so cute!

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