Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday Part 2

Our Easter Sunday was filled with family. We had a wonderful day visiting both sides and never felt rushed. Belle woke us up at 8 by throwing everything out of her crib. She found her Easter basket "hidden" on the coffee table. So the Easter Bunny wasn't very creative this year. So what.

Belle loved her egg shaped side walk chalk and the new crayons and coloring books. She found a new pair of Minnie Mouse sunglasses and some new Easter Little People. Hidden in the back of her Easter basket was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We'll see how much she watches or pays attention to it.

My coffee table really isn't that messy.
Belle had just received a ton of baskets and gifts over the weekend.
We now have 7 Easter Baskets all of Belle's from the last two years.

After she found her Easter basket and played with her new crayons and coloring books we headed to my Uncle's house for breakfast. The tradition started shortly after my grandparents had passed away. The first year the whole family went to my Uncle's house for breakfast and we never left. We sat around talking and before we knew it, it was dinner time. One of my aunts ran out and picked up some cheeseburgers from McDonald's for the kids. Every year after my Uncle has planned dinner as well. So now we have omelets for breakfast and pizza for dinner.
Belle had fun playing with my cousins and her cousins and the dog. She found another Easter basket with chocolate on the coffee table there as well. We didn't stay for dinner this year at my Uncles. Last year The Hubs Aunt restarted their Easter dinner tradition so we go there for dinner now.
So early afternoon we packed Belle up and headed for a quick stop at the cemetery to wish my dad a Happy Easter and then we were off to The Hub's Aunt's house for an old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt and dinner. Belle passed out in the car before we were out of my Uncle's neighborhood. Exactly what we were hoping for.

The Hub's Aunt had the traditional Easter dinner; ham, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, and casseroles. Of course everything was very good and Belle ate semi ok. She loved the Jell-O though. After dinner we had the egg hunt. The Hubs family has everyone participate. The three "younger" kids, Belle and our niece and nephew, had their own special eggs to find, the "older" kids or actually adults found regular eggs with four special prize eggs to find. The Hubs and I didn't do so well this year. And we can't even use Belle as an excuse as his Aunt and Uncle both took Belle to find her own eggs. We all got prizes in the end though and had a ton of fun trying to find the Gold and Silver eggs. It took us all about 45 minutes to find them.

I sadly did not get any pictures of the egg hunt. I had left my camera inside and by the time I remembered everyone was rushing to get out and find the eggs. So no pictures this year.

Trying a Peep for the first time. She took two bites and was done.

After the Sabres game, which we should have won by the way, we headed home. Belle still had her basket and some gifts from Grandma that we had not gone through yet. Belle had a huge basket/bucket full of chocolate and a gift bag with a bunny Mrs. Potato Head, a couple new outfits, a new ball which she loves and some new books. She is a very very spoiled little girl. Plus Mommy and Daddy received a whole box of chocolate from my mom as well. Including homemade peanut butter eggs, the best!

Can you tell by her play area that we had a lot of toys packed up for the weekend.
That was fun to clean and organize after a long weekend.

We had a fabulous Easter with our families. And our little peanut became quite the Egg Hunt expert!

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