Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Places You Will Go...

Isabelle, today you are 17 months old. You have been a toddler for five months now. But this month it started to become a reality. Last week we received your moving up papers at The Bug. As of March 28 you will be in the toddler room full time. The toddler room. You will no longer be the big kid in the class. You will once again be the little one. But sweet heart you are more then ready to move up.

You have been the big kid for a long time now. The little mommy they call you. You are right there helping any of the babies who lose their paci or are crying. You in your magic ways can get the babies to stop crying and to start laughing. We are sad that you are leaving Miss. Danielle. She has been your teacher since you started last January. It is like she is part of the family. We will miss her greatly. But you are going to be with Miss. Emily who is a great teacher. And you have a lot of friends in that classroom who have already moved up.

You are learning so much every day. You can now point to your own and to others hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, belly, feet, and legs. It was a slow go and then all the sudden you just took off and learned a new body part each day. You amazed me when I asked for your foot and you lifted it up for me all on your own. We hadn't worked on it like we did with belly and nose. You are still not talking much but you know all of your little friends at school and can point out who is who.

You LOVE painting. You are going to be our little artist I can tell already. I can't wait till you and I have time to sit down and create some art work for your room. You are going to have so much fun and it will be so special!

Last night was your first swimming class. You love the water and I was so excited I couldn't wait for the day to go by so we could go swimming. I was sad that daddy couldn't be there for your first class but I am positive he will be at some of your classes. Maybe we can convince him to get in the pool with you too! You have 9 weeks of this class.

Belle, you are growing up so fast. It feels like forever ago you were my little baby who slept and cuddled into me every day. I do miss when you were a newborn but I love seeing you grow and learn every day. Just slow down though ok? Don't grow up to fast!

I can't wait to see what the next few months brings us. Soon the weather will break and it will be warm again. We will be able to go outside and play with your new ride on toys you got for Christmas. Plus daddy and I are already planning on getting you some cool outside toys. Soon we will be able to go for walks and to the playground again. This year you get to run around it and actually play! You have swim classes going well into Spring and the nice weather. And your first vacation and your first trip to Disney in October.

Oh, the places you will go peanut!

Love you,
Mommy (and Daddy too)!!!

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