Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Little Fish!

Belle started swim class a few weeks ago. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of her at class until last week. The Hubs had to work the first couple of Wednesday night’s so it was just Belle and I. She LOVES swimming. She is going to be a little fish.

The first week was a little rough. The pool is freezing. And after a few weeks of swim class I can confirm that the water does not get much warmer. The class we signed her up for is babies and toddlers. In the booklet they were two separate classes but they are combined and have class together. The preschool class is also in the pool with us but they do their own thing. I feel for these babies. By the time class is over they are all shivering or have blue lips. That is how cold this water is.

Told you the water was cold!

Our class starts off with a few exercises. We do some kicking, floating, splashing, bobbing, and last week they even got to jump into the pool. Belle LOVED jumping in. Even though she didn't really jump in, I more sat her on the wall and kind of hopped her into the water.

Practicing our kicking!
After our exercises we have some "races" to help the kids learn to kick. Then we get into a giant circle and sing songs while walking in the circle. We bob the kids and let them get a feel for the water.

Belle loves kicking and splashing. The end of class when we have free swim is her favorite. She can play with the balls, splash, and kick her little feet all she wants. She loves being on her belly in the water. And, she likes to drink the pool water. We’re working on that.

Free Play!

I am so glad that we signed her up for swim classes. She loves it. We sadly missed this week’s class because it snowed here (again! Seriously Mother Nature?) and the roads were untreated. We didn't get home until 10 minutes before class. We would never have made it to class on time and it's only a 45 minute class. So we skipped it this week but she will be there next week.

I will be signing her up for the fall class as well. Sadly our town doesn't have summer classes. Just free swim which of course is mainly during the day. I'm a working mom here people. Not fair to my child. Any ways, she loves it so much and it's a great activity for us to do together.

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