Friday, March 25, 2011

Red Writing Hood - Donuts

I don't remember why but for whatever reason my dad was taking me to school this morning. Sitting at the red light to turn onto my school's road my dad must have made a decision. After he turned he pulled into the small parking lot of Dunkin Donuts. I looked at him in awe. Really? Were stopping here before school?

We walked into the small shop and my dad walked to the counter and sat down. Not only were we stopping for donuts but we were going to sit and eat it too! I climbed up onto the round stool that sat in front of the counter. The counter was the length of the shop. My dad let me pick which ever donut I wanted. I, in my grown up eight year old voice, asked for a chocolate donut of course.

As we sat there eating our donuts and my dad drinking his coffee I looked around. There were not many people there, a lot of regulars. An old man that sat in the corner at the very end of the counter that the worker knew by name. I remember thinking he belonged there. I sat there quietly eating my donut enjoy every minute. I knew I was going to be late to school. But this, this was a special treat.

This post was written for Red Writing Hood. This weeks prompt was to write a piece inspired by the picture above. The is a non-fiction piece.


  1. What a sweet memory. This made me remember some fond memories of being treated to them by my mother. I guess some treats are memorable both in their sweetness and in what they mean to us.

  2. In an effort to stick with the pro, con, pro comment structure:

    PRO: The length of this story is perfect, IMO. You didn't go into unnecessary details, and the story was perfect.
    CON: I think you mean "enjoying" in the sentence: I sat there quietly eating my donut enjoy every minute.
    PRO: I love that you chose this story to share with us. As a parent it makes me realize what really sticks with us through the years.

  3. I agree, the length of this was perfect with just the right amount of detail. The fact that you remember this makes it even more special. I wonder if you ever told your father how special that morning was to you?

  4. I too have a few of these memories with my dad. Thank you for reminding me of them.

  5. I am so glad that you shared this memory with us, that just the simple act of taking you for a donut on a day like any other is what you remember about your dad.
    I just truly enjoyed this piece.

  6. It's a stolen moment! I love those! What a beautiful memory!

  7. So very sweet. Perfect length. Spot-on detail (the old man at the end of the counter---part of every coffee/donut shop!)


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