Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Belle Has Been Welcomed by the Toddlers.

It is official, Belle has been moved up to the toddler room. And she is doing amazing in her new classroom. We were all a little nervous because she was so attached to Danielle her teacher in the baby room. She transitioned so well that she has been pretty much in the toddler room full time since her third day in there.
Belle has so much more to do in this new room. They are constantly on the go and kept busy. They have an easel set up all day plus crayons and paper on one table and puzzles on another. Plus a block center, a rice table and a kitchen area which all seem to be her favorite.

Hard to see but red chalk down her left leg.
She came home with it going down her whole left side. Jacket and all.

The center we have Belle at also has “extra curricular activities” which include dancing and Tae Kwon Do. Belle now does Doodle Dance in her new class. The toddlers just do stretching and some sign language but the older kids actually put on a recital at the end of the school year. Belle can now go outside and play on the toddler play ground as well. Which she loves the slide!

Belle has completely picked up her new schedule and the routine in the toddler room with no problems. She went from being rocked to sleep and sleeping on a crib to sleeping on a cot and having her back patted for a couple minutes before she is out and naps for two and a half hours. In the baby room we were lucky if she napped for 45 minutes, which lead to a very cranky Belle in the evenings.

The toddler room plays hard. They wear her out but teach her so so much. Every day she surprises us with a new word or something else she has learned. She comes home dirty from a long day of play and I love it. She is so happy and thrives every day at day care. I am so happy that we choose this center. It is worth all of the sacrifices The Hubs and I have made to send her there. It is and will be well worth it.

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  1. Aw welcome to the toddler room :) I love the chalk down her leg. You know she's playing hard when she is covered in chalk, dirt and food :)

  2. Oh, she's super cute! That is too sweet. My daughter and I wind up covered in chalk when we play on the porch. The creativity never ends, but the way we end up decorating ourselves is fun, too!

  3. don't you love it and also feel sad at the babiness being gone forever?


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