Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Causes

This weeks Top 10 Tuesday is to talk about the causes that are close to your heart.

1) Hopsice. Hospice has been amazing to my family. Hospice was there when my grandmother was losing her battle with Cancer. Hospice was home to The Hubs family while his grandfather hung on longer then anyone expected. Hospice was there for my father when everyone gave up. They did everything my father asked. When it was recommended that we take him to a hospital Hospice was there to take the steps to make sure my father returned home. Which he did. They were there that Thursday morning making sure we were ok.

2) The American Cancer Society. It's not a secret that my father passed away earlier this month from Cancer. Both of my grandmothers and one of my grandfathers also passed away from Cancer. If you are a regular follower you know my thoughts and how I feel about Cancer. It is evil and an absolute horrible disease. Not only is it horrible for the person who has Cancer but for the family who has to witness it as well.

3) Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness, Help Her. This one I hold very dear to my heart. Not many people have heard about Hyperemesis which is why I love Help Her. I had Hyperemesis for my entire 9 months of pregnancy. I couldn't eat or keep anything down. I lost weight and spent the first half of my pregnancy dehydrated. I spent the first trimester in bed or in the bathroom. I hated every minute of pregnancy and at times even regretted it. At 7 and half months (in my pregnancy) Belle had begun to stop growing. I had sonograms every other week to measure her growth. I had to be induced at 37 weeks because she had stopped growing completely and I had very low fluid. We need more research done on this disease. Yes it is a disease. We need to know what causes it and how we can cure it. Please visit the website to learn more.

4) Parkinson's Disease Foundation. The Hubs grandfather passed away from Parkinson's. Plus his grandmother on his father's side has been diagnosed with it. This is another awful disease that we need to help find a cure for.

5) Our local Variety Club. Our local Variety Club holds a telethon every year for our local Women's and Children's Hospital. My father was a huge advocate. He was not a member of the Variety Club but devoted many hours to them and donated a week of his time for their telethon. Over the 15 years that he volunteered he got my brother, my mom, myself, The Hubs, and numerous friends to volunteer as well. This year my brother and The Hubs are taking over his role. He is no longer here to help but as a family we will be there to raise money for our Children's Hospital that hopefully we will never ever need. But so thankful that it is there.

6) March of Dimes. All through my pregnancy my doctors kept hoping I would make it to 37 weeks. Thankfully I did but because Belle was measuring so small we had NICU nurses in the delivery room. Thankfully Belle was completely healthy. But as a parent this is a cause I can not ignore. They do wonderful work to help give every baby a fighting chance.

7) Ronald McDonald House. I have no close experience with RMHC other then The Hubs and I really support them. What they do for families is nothing short of amazing and we will continue to support them.

8) Local families in need. We like to give to local charities and to families that are in need. Like a friend of ours friends son (I know a mouth full) who has a rare brain condition. He had to have surgery but out of state. Since it was out of state their insurance company would not pay for it. We donated to his benefit and showed our support at his benefit.

I don't have 10 causes that I am passionate about but the eight that I have listed I am very passionate about. Please consider making donations to any of these wonderful causes.


  1. we have very similar thoughts!! i dont' have many that i give to, but i always help local families and friends in need.

  2. these are great causes! We also give to March of Dimes!


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