Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Perfect Christmas

And just like that, the months of planning, decorating, and getting ready for this day, and its over. We won't see it again for another year.

We had an amazing Christmas. It was simply wonderful. My more then generous bosses let me leave at 1:30 on Christmas Eve. The Hubs and I went together to pick up Belle and take her home to get ready for Christmas. We ate a small dinner and headed over to my parents house. We were surrounded by great friends and of course Ralphie on our TV. We laughed at the bunny suit and joked about getting one for our friends son. We headed home early to put Belle to bed so Santa could come. And secretly I was so excited to "play Santa".

It was a light Christmas this year but believe me when I tell you our child was beyond spoiled. We set up her Fisher Price doll house under our tree and carefully laid out each gift. The cookies I had to make so we could put them out for Santa, never left the kitchen. I completely forgot about them. Opps.
Christmas morning Belle slept in until 8:30. Obviously she doesn't know what Christmas is. I got her up and The Hubs got her milk ready. The best moment was when she toddled out of her room and went straight towards the tree. She saw her doll house and started playing with it.

The Hubs made coffee and the three of us sat under our tree and opened gifts. Belle had little interest and we made the mistake of having her open her handy Manny ornament first. She just wanted to play with it and was upset when we hung it on the tree. Belle got books from her teacher at The Bug and Papa and Nana. She got play food that mommy spent weeks making and new Christmas pajamas, that ended up not fitting. Oh well. The Hubs was very generous, on top of the portrait session I also found new sweaters and Lego Harry Potter for XBox under our tree.

The Hubs made our Christmas breakfast of pancakes and bacon. The Hubs mom came over for a visit and gave Belle some more gifts. The Fisher Price zoo we almost bought instead of the doll house. I think we own the whole Little People line at this point! It was such a relaxing morning. Belle took a two hour nap which gave us time to get ready to head over to my parents house.

We spent the afternoon and evening with my family. It was wonderful. We never left the house and were able to relax and not rush around for once. We walked into my parents house to find this...

And it took forever for Belle to open all of her gifts, she just didn't get it this year. Not only was Belle very
spoiled, but The Hubs and I were spoiled as well. The Hubs received clothes he needed and games he has wanted. I also received some nice clothes for work and a ton of scrapbooking stuff I have wanted for years.

My Uncles and cousins came over and again Ralphie was on the TV. To the point that my mom asked if we could watch something else once the family was gone. I don't think many of us watched it as we all laughed and joked around. We discussed what weighed more ice or water, we played guess the animal on Belle's Leapfrog Laptop. Can I just say that my child is going to grow up thinking Ox starts with and X because of this thing!

When the family had left my nephew played the Wii and we stayed until our poor little girl couldn't sit up to play anymore. The Hubs and I ended this Christmas on the couch cuddled together playing Lego Harry Potter.

My parents small house was filled with so much love and faith this Christmas. It is a Christmas I will remember forever.

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  1. That just sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I am so glad you all had such a great time! I love the picture of Belle holding the white box with a huge grin!


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