Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mirror Mirror Who Fell Off The Wall...

Last Friday night The Hubs had to work so it was just Belle and I. I picked her up from The Bug early with the intentions of us settling into her new play area and spending the rest of the afternoon and evening playing. Unfortunately that from the time I picked her up to the time we got home Belle developed a fever that pretty much wiped her out for the remainder of the day.

After Belle went to bed for the night I sat down at our computer. Only to be scared to death by a crash on the other side of the house. The mirror in our bathroom fell off the wall and crashed and shattered every where. It was hung above our pedestal sink and once it hit that it just shattered every where.

And I admit that I had to clue what to do, so I walked out of the bathroom and went back to the computer. I then picked up the phone to text The Hubs, and took pictures to show him the severity of it. Cause it was a disaster. After walking in to clean it up about 5 times and each time walking back out cause I didn't know where to begin I finally started. I got the floor cleaned up but then just stared at the sink. How do you begin to clean up tiny shards of glass that is all over your sink?? And what do I do about the bath mat?

I decided to throw the bath mat in the wash and managed to get the sink cleaned up. Not going to lie I tip toed in the bathroom for the rest of the night in case I missed something. And it took a full day before I would let Belle follow me in there when I was brushing my hair and doing my make up. I even carried her in when it was bath time.

So, if a mirror basically breaks it self. You know, jumps off the wall, who gets the 7 years bad luck? The mirror? No one touched it and it had been hours since any one was in the bathroom.

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  1. I would have freaked out too, especially being alone!

    No bad luck, the mirror gets it! Bad mirror!


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