Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Have Lost My House...

To my 15 month old. Wait, did I just say 15 month old?? Hold on while I hyperventilate......

....ok, I have composed myself some what. Any ways, my 15 month old has slowly taken over our house. The room that was/will be her play room was not cleaned out by our deadline of Christmas. And right now we just don't have the time to clean it out. My new goal is to clean it out either by her birthday in October or next Christmas. Why so far from now? After I thought about it, she's not ready for a play room. We won't have a TV in there or a nice comfy couch in there. So no place for us to be comfortable right now. And she is too young to go in there to play by herself. Maybe in another year she will be ok.

So for now, she has taken over by dinning nook. Its not a dining room because it's a nook off of our living room. In reality it is a part of our living room off to the side. It's hard to explain but the way our living room is, it's not really able to be part of the living room. So we had our kitchen table in there and it was our "dining nook".

Then Christmas approached and we had no where to put a tree with out completely losing our living room. So we did some rearranging and finangled the table into the kitchen. It's in there, but no room for us to sit at it. Then Christmas happened and our child has more toys then she knows what to do with and we still have to find a place to put her play kitchen.

So she was giving my dining nook and it is now her play nook. Spoiled spoiled child.
If you remember this is where her toys use to be. I am loving the room back over here.

This is when I tried to set it up. Everytime I put a toy some where she pulled it out. So I had to wait until after bed to put it together.

Finally organized.

How long before she pulls my books down?

Her kitchen will go some where in here. And I would like to still get some more bins like the pink one.

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