Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For the Love of Blogging -Writing Assignment

It was after seven in the morning and we were rushing to get out of the door. As normal we were running late. Nothing out of the ordinary. I had just finished making lunches. Grabbed the bags and was heading into the living room. And I froze. The Hubs was standing at the door. Jacket and shoes on ready to go. Belle was about 10 feet away from him standing by the coffee table.

She let go. I saw her hands go up and she looked right at her daddy. I stood there. Time was frozen. I couldn't believe I was watching this. She took one step. Then another and another. The whole time staring at her daddy. She was determined to get to him. Nothing was going to get in her way.

I stood there watching. And then I saw my camera sitting on the table. What should I do? Should I grab it and get this on video? Should I just watch my daughter take her first steps? If I move will I distract her? Will she fall?

I didn't move. I watched. Time was still frozen as I watched Belle continue to take steps. Picking up speed with each step. And then about three feet from her daddy she fell. I felt like time started again. In reality time didn't stop and this was all only a few seconds. I cheered (loudly) for Belle. She walked. And not only did she walk but she waited so that The Hubs and I could see it for the first time. I clapped and smiled big at her. She smiled back knowing what she just did was something big. I scooped her up giving her kisses.

As a working mom I witnessed my child's very first steps. It was one of the best mommy moments I could have ever asked for.

I wrote this for my wirting assigment that was given by Katie and Miranda. Link up at Miranda's blog. They both have some great tips about writting on their blogs today.


  1. Aw, I love it! I'm a working mom too and I too got to see my son's first steps. Amazing, isn't it? I still remember that feeling.

  2. I'm so glad you saw her first steps! I'm also a working mama and that was one of the greatest things to witness, and I was so, so thrilled when it happened at home instead of at school!


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