Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Toddler Talk Thursday - Questions and Answers

This weeks topic for Toddler Talk Thursday is to ask your questions you have about your toddler. Which is perfect since The Hubs and I have been discussing Belle's progress a lot lately.

Recently it has been about Belle not walking yet. But she took her first steps last week and since has been doing great with it. I just realized now that I never posted about her walking. It was such an exciting moment! I will have to post about that next week.

Belle is going to be 14 months tomorrow. She doesn't talk. At all. At around 7 months she started saying "uh-oh" and she now knows what it means. She says it at all the appropriate times. But thats about it. Every once in a while a dada will slip out but I'm not sure she really knows what it means. No mama's yet. She knows what words are. When we ask her where her soothie is she looks for it. She knows what bath means. And certain toys. But does not udder any words. We are not overly worried about right now, but would like to know when her vocabulary is going to pick up.


  1. found on on the Toddler Talk :) I am mom to a 10 & 1 yr old!!

    The Adventures of Mommy B :)

  2. So earlier, I just skimmed down and didn't see the question or anything about your Belle not talking!! sooo sorry I didn't comment!!

    Anywho.. My Belle is 12.5 months and she knows what some things are when we say, she will sometimes try to mumble. She babbles alot, does your Belle? Have you expressed your concerns with your ped? I know with everything I do with my Belle I tell her and she also loves books, I also try to dub down the words for her that she may look interested in.. like Dog to Puppy to we call it a Pup-Pup Make learning fun and a game :)

  3. She babbles a lot. She's a little chatter box. I forgot to mention that in my question. We always say what things are when we hand her things. And we are always working on words with her. Right now were working on Ho Ho Ho for Christmas. I thought that might be easier since she can so uh-oh. But I can't get her to even try to mimmick it. We have her 15 month check up in January and we'll bring it up then.

  4. your baby will talk when she is developmentally ready to do so. in the meantime lol enjoy the semi-quietness, when they start, theres NO stopping! no off switch, lol. play fun songs alot, everyday. also speechersize helps too. following from toddler talk.

  5. At 14 mo my little guy was not talking too much either. Even now, he mostly babbles. Words will come in time when your little one is ready. :)


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