Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Tuesday night we went out and got our tree. I was so excited to get it this year. This is actually the first year that The Hubs and I have gone on our own to get it. We use to go with my parents and my brother. Then last year it was just my parents and us. This year we asked my mom to go with us but she was busy on Tuesday. I am sure we will end up going out with her to help her get their tree.

I love our tree. It's perfect. And our house smells wonderful. Love the smell of Christmas trees. It was feezing out when we got our tree. Poor Belle had a red nose by the time we got back in the car.

Wednesday afternoon I made some hot chocolate while The Hubs pulled up the last bins of the tree decorations. A couple things about our tree before the pictures. It is not crooked the one side of the bottom seems to be fuller then the other. I think it gives it character.

Belle having Hot Chocolate for the first time.

Our tree is not themed or decorated in the same color or ornaments. It is unique and tells the story of our family. When The Hubs and I married my mom packed up all my ornaments and gave them to me. Some I put on the tree others I do not. Every year we buy each other a new ornament. Belle now gets a new ornament each year as well. Every place we go on vacation we pick up an ornament. And to tell you the truth any where we go that has a Christmas store or shop, I can not resist. I have to go in. It's an obsession.

Also, we do not have a Star or an Angel on our the top of our tree. I'll let you guess what or who sits on top of our tree. Once you see you won't be surprised one bit. We use to have a very pretty star but after we were married The Hubs surprised me with this tree topper. I love it and it totally fits our tree and family.

Almost done.

The Hubs putting on the tree topper...

Our tree finished!

Tinker Belle sits on top of our tree watching over us.

Like I said we have a mixture of different ornaments on our tree. From the ones I had from when I was a child to the bunch we have collected from Disney alone. Our ornaments resemble hobbies, interests and our family.

An ornament I had saved from the Day Care I worked at
(it smells like cinnamon and gingerbread).
The Hubs Buzz Light Year and RC I bought him one year.
 And one of our Just Married Ornaments.

My Precious Moments Ballerina from when I was a child.

Hidden in our tree you can find the entire Simpsons family.
Guess whos ornaments these are.

We collect ornaments from each place we have visited. We have oraments from Lake George to the 1000 Islands, to Williamsburg, to Disney. Now Disney we can never buy just one ornament. We buy one to resemble us for that year and then we buy each other our ornaments for the year as well. So we have a lot. These are just some of them.

Clockwise: Our first Anniversay, Tink I got in 2008, Our Just Married Ornament, and Walt with Mickey The Hubs got in 2007

And then last year we added a new element to our tree. Isabelle. We added a Baby's First Christmas ornament. Oh and I totally plan on getting her a Disney Baby's First Christmas ornament when we go next year. I would love for it to match our Just Married and Anniversary ornaments. Last year I made hand print and foot print ornaments for the Grandparents. Of course I had to make myself a set as well.

I caught Belle by the tree once so far. Of course I got pictures of her. She found a stuffed Eeyore ornament that she pulled off the tree. Looked at it. Hugged it. And then put it back on the tree. She is to cute!

To finish this really long post about our Christmas tree is a night shot of our tree.

Show Me Your Tree


  1. Your tree is wonderful. I love the tradition of a new ornament each year.

  2. Oh I love it and you guys do the same thing that we do with the ornaments. It makes it so much more fun.


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