Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And the Doctor Hits Keep Coming

I wish that I could just let myself complain about work but I can not. Unfortunately I like food on our table and a roof over our heads and I am not going to risk it. I would love to vent about the place. There is so much going on I wish I could just let go, but again there is a fine line.

Instead I will forget about the horrible first day back I had, and how as the day went on the worse it got and just skip to The Bug. Belle had a great first day back. So much so, she wasn't happy to be going home. She whined as soon as I tried to get her in the car seat. As we were leaving I was able to look over her sheet and attached was a notice. A notice saying we were behind on Belle's vaccines and we needed to update them by the first or she wouldn't be allowed back.

Now we got this same notice way back in October. We called the Pediatrician to have them make a copy that The Hubs would pick up the next day, a Saturday morning. He picked it up and when we tried to return it to day care, it wasn't what they needed. Apparently the pedi knew exactly what we needed and gave us the wrong thing. Luckily Belle was going for her second does of the flu shot finally (another story for another day) and The Hubs was able to get exactly what we needed then. We turned it in to The Bug. This was back before Thanksgiving.

Belle was not at day care last week so we got the notice today. Of course immediately I was mad at The Bug. We had just given them what they needed. Now what else do they need. After a couple minutes The Hubs says, what if the pedi didn't give her those shots? At first I was like no way. She has gotten everything she needs. Then I start thinking, has she? Has she really had everything? Didn't I feel back at 6 months she didn't get everything I thought she was suppose to? Didn't I think her two shots at 12 months seem a little odd and that there should have been more? Luckily we still had the listing of everything she has had up to her 12 month appointment. No MMR listed, no Heb listed, and funny no Hep A listed either. All of these according to our states schedule she should have had.

Of course at this point I am fuming and not surprised one bit. From the belly button to them telling us her brain had stopped growing at 2 months old, to them messing up her 12 month appointment to the flu shot and everything our friend has gone through at the same practice, I am not surprised one bit. They have evening hours on Mondays so I made The Hubs call immediately. Of course there was no one there to answer phones. So he is calling today. If we have to take her in we only have 2 days left this year that The Hubs can take her. I am out of days and at my job I can not take off any more this month. They will be taking her one of those two days, because they don't do shots or well visits on weekends.

So annoyed. Hoping we get some good news today and really hoping that this was a misunderstanding and she is truly up to date. Her 15 month appointment isn't until the 5th of January which will be to late for the expiration date.

Update: We talked to the pedi and The Bug. This was neither their fault and more of the states fault. The state issues these letters on their own. They are sutogenrated and The Bug just delivers them. We really should not have received this letter since these shots I guess are 12-15 month shots. The state was jumping the gun before she is 15 months. The pedi confirmed she will be receiving these shots at her appointment on the 5th and The Bug confirmed that this is fine. Whew. Disaster averted.


  1. I am so annoyed for you! Is there any way you can find a new pedi?

  2. We could. I like the doctor we see, it's more the nurses and practice itself that makes me mad. But were in the clear. The pedi did not mess up this time. I posted an update.

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