Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

Sluiter Nation is hosting a new meme on Tuesday's called Top 10 Tuesdays. Every Tuesday there is a new topic to choose your top 10 picks for. This week is the top 10 things you need every day.

Some things I need every day during the work week and could live with out over the weekend, but some of the things on my list I totally need every day. I can not live with out them. Also I only have pictures of some of the things on my list.

10. My computer. I would just say my home computer but I do a lot of my blogging on my work computer as well. Yes I blog at work on my down time. Sadly it's been super busy lately and I have fallen off the comment wagon these past couple of weeks. I am going to throw in with my computer blogging, facebook, and twitter. I am on all 3 every.day. Every day I have to check them. I seriously check facebook and twitter more then my email.
9. Coffee. This is pretty much every day. On the weekends I can go without a coffee in the morning, maybe it's cause I can sleep in a little longer. But work days, I HAVE to have my coffee. The mornings when I don't have time to go through the drive thru and have to walk my butt down later in the morning, it's horrible. I need to have it when I first get to work.

8. My notebooks. I am a notebook fiend. I have one for everything. The bottom one is my planner. I write everything in it. What blog entries for what day. The Hubs work schedule. What is going on at The Bug. Doctors appointments. Events that are going on. So yeah pretty much everything. I have to have it. The middle one is my Disney notebook. All of our plans, past trips, ideas, everything. Everything Disney World related goes into that notebook for future planning. The top notebook is my blog notebook. My notes and short handed blog entries. I'll jot down ideas in there for blog entries and what not. And of course my pencil. Everything blog related for whatever reason is always in pencil. I can not explain it.

7. My Ipod. It is my savior at work. Sadly we no longer have cubicals at work. We have pods. There are 4 of us to a pod and I "share" my desk space with another person. Trust me when I say I NEED my Ipod. It gets loud and tiresome of listening to other peoples private phone conversations all.day.long. I even carry my Ipod charger with me at all times. If I take my Ipod out of my bag at home for any reason it will be weeks before it makes its way back to work with me.

6. My camera. I take pictures pretty much every day. Sadly it's just a regular digital camera and I would LOVE a Canon DSLR. But it just is not in the budget right now. I wish I could afford one. And hopefully some day. The Hubs doesn't get why I want one so badly. I take so many pictures and am so disappointed with how every single one of them turns out. I want a high quality camera to get the pictures I want and am looking for. Any ways, my camera is always with me. And when I don't have it I am lost.

5. My cell phone. Now I don't have a high tech phone that can do fancy stuff. It makes phone calls, takes pictures, texts, and can get on the internet. I don't text many people, and I don't call or receive many calls...yeah I'm a loser. But the internet is my best friend. And no not for facebook or twitter, but because I can get on The Bugs camera and watch Belle any time I want during the day. Videos are blocked on our computers at work so I literally went out and got a new phone so I could get on the internet. I had a Razor just a year ago. I'm not going to lie I will hop on twitter every once in a while when I am at work but mostly I use it for the camera at The Bug.

4. Handy Manny. Ok this probably sounds really really lame. But, Isabelle loves him. And I mean LOVES him. I call him her boyfriend. At the end of the day we will snuggle together on the couch with her bottle and the day's episode of Handy Manny. Yes, we DVR Handy Manny. She loves him and when he is on and were on the couch she knows it's time to settle down and that bed time is approaching. After her bottle we will snuggle and finish watching Handy Manny. After it's over she is ready for bed.

3. Chap Stick. I know lame right. But I have to have it every day, all day long. I have 2 on my desk at work, 3 in my purse, 2 in the diaper bag, 3 or 4 in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and one on my night stand. I have to put it on in the morning and before bed. And honestly I can not count how many times through out the day. And the sad part, I have about 6 different brands. I think I have an obsession. Here is a picture of the collection just from my purse and my desk at work.

2. My Isabelle. She is my world. I love getting her up in the morning and for those very first 10 minutes of the day she snuggles in with me while she drinks her milk. And at that moment I am all that she needs or wants right then. Well besides the milk. I love our bed time snuggle at the end of the day as well. This one I have to share with The Hubs but the morning its just her and I. After a long day I can not wait to get to The Bug to pick her up. To see her smile and watch her crawl as fast as she can to get to me. I love when we'll be playing on the floor and she crawls into my lap to play there. I love when she follows me around the house and climbs up my leg to get to me. To me. She needs me and wants me and that is the best feeling in the world.
1. The Hubs. He is my rock. When I feel like the world is over all I have to do is crawl into his arms and lay there with him and everything just immediately is better. He doesn't even have to say anything. He goes along with my crazy ideas. He also can bring me back to reality when my crazy ideas are just not feasible. He is my support. He comes in and saves me when Belle is fighting me eating dinner, getting her pjs on, or settling down for a nap. He helps me around the house and I am so thankful for it every single day. He is my everything.

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  1. awesome list! we dvr TONS of kids shows. the other night i was checking out the tivo for something to watch and it was completely filled with E's shows...nothing for me! crazy! thanks for linking up!


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