Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving was the same every year when I was growing up. We would wake up in the morning to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The Rockettes were a big deal to me (still are). The morning was pretty boring. After the parade we did our own thing and slowly got ready to head over to my grandparents house for dinner.

My two Uncles and aunts and my cousins were all there. Including my family and my grandparents. My grandmother would forget and burn the rolls every year. After dinner the adults played cards and the kids started on their Christmas lists. My grandmother would pull out all the toy catalogs and we would pick everything out of the catalogs and put it on our lists. Santa always made a pit stop at Grandma and Grandpa's house and was always very very generous.

A couple years after my grandmother passed away my parents started having Thanksgiving at their house. Thanksgiving has been at my parents house every year since. The Hubs and I never tried to form our own traditions for Thanksgiving. He just kinda feel into my families. We get up every year to watch the parade and head over to my parents house for dinner. My aunt and uncles and cousins all still come over. While we may not make our huge Christmas lists anymore and my youngest cousins were to young to remember the catalog Christmas lists my immediate family still makes our lists that night.

This year I am helping my mom again and making some of the casseroles and pies. We will all squeeze into my parents kitchen and eat good food. We will all talk over each other and my parents house will be filled with loud voices (were Greek) and laughter. But definitely we will all be feeling something a little different this year and all be thankful a little more this year.

I truly hope that our tradition continues through out the years and Belle has the same memories of Thanksgiving that I have.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy this day with your family and friends....and good food!

Belle's first Thanksgiving 2009

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