Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tales of Renting A House

 After a year a half of asking our landlord to replace our warped, pealing, horrible front door it is here. Our pretty new door. Well kinda. After four and a half hours of working on it, it's still not done. He is coming back this afternoon to finish it.
Our landlord decided that he couldn't miss out on his casino money one month and use our rent money to make some repairs so we got a door he had bought for his own house and for whatever reason never used. It didn't fit in our door frame. So they had to cut into the drywall to make the door frame larger.

Do you know what kind of mess drywall makes when you are cutting it??? It's all over my living room. I washed the floor Tuesday night after he left but I didn't bother dusting since he's coming back today to finish.

But our landlord being a cheapo worked out in our favor. We got a nice door. Not a he's going to be cheap and buy the cheapest he can find meaning its going to be a really ugly door.

Here is an unfinished picture. Hopefully it won't take long today and all the molding will be up and it will be finished. Oh and yeah there is no screen door right now because it's broke and our landlord has known it's been broke. The Hubs ex room mate broke it YEARS ago. It's been broke since before I moved in 5 years ago. The landlord and I had a conversation about it last September. On Tuesday he acted like he knew nothing about it.

He wants to put that screen door back on. My question is how is he going to put it back on when they had to widen the door frame?

So hopefully I will have some pictures for tomorrow to show how pretty our new door is all finished. Hopefully.

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