Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Uncoordinated Child

I think my kid is going to be uncoordinated. She's not even walking yet and she's getting bumps and bruises left and right. Seriously in a 4 day span I had to sign 5 incident reports at daycare. Crazy!
The first one was for she had fallen and hit her head. Then I heard what she was doing that caused her to fall and hit her head. Apparently her favorite thing to do at school lately is stand on the bouncy seat they have in the room and use it as a trampoline. Where does she learn this stuff????

Then my poor peanut got bit on her finger. But there was no mark and we couldn't even have told you what finger it was if they hadn't told us.

That was all in one day. The next day she was standing and holding onto something and fell over and hit her head. This poor kids head. Why is it always the head???

Then the next day while playing her shirt went up and they noticed small scratches on her back. Just that morning when I was getting her dressed I noticed she had broken out again on her back. So I had just looked at her back that morning and didn't see any scratches. School isn't sure when she got them either. But they were tiny and really no big deal. The kid scratches her self on a daily basis. Her nails are sharp especially after clipping them.

And on the fourth day, she lost her balance yet again and fell and bit her top lip. Not only did she fall and bit herself but she tripped another kid when she fell. And she bleed this time.
I can only imagine what it's going to be like when she's walking and running. Apparently she is going to take after her mommy and be a complete klutz. Sorry kid.

Trying to get a picture of her Belle in Sabres jersey.

I don't think she likes it.

My little lounger watching Imagination Movers.

Don't mind the mess that is my blog right now. Working on redoing it but it was after 11 last night and I was tired. So it will look like this until tonight when I can work on it some more.

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  1. Aw, you are going to have fun with her! Sounds like Hayden who broke his foot jumpring off the couch!

    Love the new header!


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