Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Money Tree Where Are You?

Today at work the yearly email came around about open enrollment for our benefits. Well, everything is going up and were losing stuff.

I thought with this reform bill health care was suppose to be cheaper. Why is it going up? Not only that but because of this economy our company cut our raises this year. So what little raise we did get doesn't even cover the increase in health insurance.

We are struggling so much right now and to have this thrown in our faces.

Then they had a section of changes because of the reform bill. We are able to have flexible spending accounts. We are giving debit cards with how ever much money we elect to have taken out of paychecks to spend on co pays, medical bills, and medications. The reform bill changed it so you can no longer buy over the counter medications with it. This is the bulk of what we spend our flex cards on. I choose to have this so we have set aside money incase we need medicine or what not. I am aggravated that they are telling me what I can and can not spend MY money on. This is my money coming from my paycheck.

I am so frustrated right now. So much for health insurance becoming affordable because we can barely afford it now. So irritating.

This isn't wether I am for or against the reform bill I am just irritated. Besides the cost of insurance going up is coming from the company I work for and the insurance company.

They also added into it that if you are a smoker (which I am not) that we will be charged a surcharge EVERY pay check $20. Seriously? Isn't that a bit excessive. Now I HATE smoking. I despise it, it's disgusting and selfish but really?? $20 EVERY paycheck? That is excessive.

Now only if I had a money tree. It would make things so much easier. I would share :)

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