Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Foot

My child's feet are not growing. Ok that's a lie, they are growing. Just very very slowly. My child who is about 2 weeks from her 1st birthday is in a size 2 shoe. Which translates into 3/6 months. Do you know how hard it is to find decent shoes for her. She will be walking soon. We need to get shoes she can walk in, not the pre-walker crap. I want hard soled shoes for her.

We have looked at Target in the baby section, they have all sandals our still. Let's face it. The fall weather is here to stay she needs sneakers or some type of fall clothes. We then looked at Pedipeds. Which they have some of the cutest shoes. We don't have a store in the area that sells them so I printed off the size chart and we sized her little feet. She doesn't even fit in their smallest size.

A couple weeks later my mom and I were at the mall. So we went into the Stride Rite to have her sized. This is where we got the official size 2. The lady then pointed out which shoes we can get for her. A shelf and a half. Have you looked at their shelves? They hold 5 shoes. And they were pre walkers. Yes I know my child is a pre walked. But she's going to be a year. She's standing and walking while holding onto things. She is not all that far from walking.

Any ways, I have been looking for a pair of black dressy type shoes to wear for her birthday. I have actually been lucky and finding pairs that fit her and are hard soled. Shoes are easier to find then sneakers apparently. We ended up getting her a pair from Target. They are so cute! Love them. But she still needs sneakers.

We were at the mall last weekend. We looked in Penney's nothing in sneakers. Looked while we were in Old Navy, Gymboree, Children's Place, and even went back to Stride Rite. Nothing! Seriously nothing!

Right before we were going to leave I told The Hubs to try Payless. Ok, how have I never even thought of looking in Payless until now???? I get my work shoes there so why have I never thought to look for baby shoes there. Seriously I was in baby shoe heaven. They don't have a lot, but a lot more then we have been finding. And, they had size 1 and 2 in hard sole shoes!!!!

I got her a cute pair of brown with pink and purple polka dot slip ons. I know not sneakers. They were cheaper, cuter, and perfect for the fall. We tried them on her while she was in the stroller. They were a little hard to get on but the fit. So we bought them. We got home, put them on her and her foot slides right out of them.

I give up! I should have bought the damn sneakers.

And then I remembered The Hubs cousin bought us sneakers for our baby shower. I thought they were a size 4. Last night I took a chance and pulled the box out.

A big fat 2 starred back at me. No way!

My daughter is sporting pink converse sneakers today. Because she is that cool! Love them!

And trying to get a picture of a moving 11 month old with a camera phone....not so easy. Sorry about the horrible blurry pictures. I wanted to get a picture of the cuteness that is the converse sneakers.

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