Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Way Back Wednesday

This weeks topic is first movie you saw in a theater. I have been thinking all week, and I have no freaking clue. It honestly could have been anything.

I can write about the first time my friend and I tried to sneak into an R rated movie. I believe the movie was Varstity Blues. We were dying to see it (hello, James Van Der Beek, or as we all know him Dawson). Were standing in the long line and we finally get up to the front. We were starting to freak out a bit. The kids in front of us were trying to same thing, and get caught. What do we do? Panic and go see She's All That, again. Good thing we liked the movie. I never tried to sneak into an R rated movie again.

There was this other time that I went to go see Sleepy Hollow with a high school boyfriend. We had bought our tickets, bought our popcorn and drinks. Waited until they would let us in the theater. We get to the usher and hand over our tickets. And the jerk wouldn't let me in. I can not for the life of me remember why. I believe Sleepy Hollow was only PG 13, and I was older then 13. We left extremelly ticked off. We had bought the damn tickets and the stupid usher wouldn't let us in. And I can not remember why he was being such a jerk.

The Hubs and I haven't really seen many movies at the theater. Especially lately. The first movie we saw together was a Harry Potter movie. I think it was the third one. And the first midnight showing I ever went to? Twilight. I dragged the Hubs along. He was such a good sport about it. And it really was a good time.

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  1. What an awesome hubs to go see the midnight showing! Mine would not do that!

    I can't remember the first one I saw either! :-0


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