Monday, August 30, 2010

I Think I Have Created A Spoiled Child...

While we were out and about one night we decided to stop at Toys R Us. It was right next door to Home Depot (where we had to go) and her birthday is coming up. So while walking around and looking at everything. Christmas is right around the corner you know. We were walking down the doll aisle and what do I spot but a Graco doll play set in the same pattern as her stroller, pnp, high chair, swing...yeah you get the point. Immediately I look and the Hubs and said she has to have this. He thinks I'm nuts. It's a 8 piece set that has a mini pack n play, a stroller, a bouncer, a play gym, 3 small toys, a diaper bag that turns into a changing pad. I was thinking that the price was going to be crazy for it. I took a peak at the price, $34.99. Seriously??? For all of that???? SOLD!

Ok not sold yet. But seriously soon. Don't worry it will be put away until probably her third birthday. Which I have already decided that she will be getting a bity baby from American Girl for her third birthday. I have 2 from when I was a kid. They are in her room...on the floor currently (I can't find a shelf I like for her room). I can't wait to be able to get her her own. So she will start off with the Bity baby.

And then what we are talking about and hopefully planning on doing for her third birthday. Oh she is so spoiled. But completely worth all of it. Ok, side not before you all think I have lost is planning my babies third birthday already. Her third birthday is the same week as our 5 year anniversary. So it would be combined with that celebration that we have been planning since we got married.

But I am jumping ahead here. Because she is only going to be one in about a month. We have already picked out what we want to get her. We just can't decided what to get her. It's an extensive list and all on the list are over $30. Ok not all, there are small things. But we did remove one large item from the birthday list. After having a chat with Santa, she is going to be one spoiled little girl this year.

But for her to be spoiled, we still have to decide what were going to get her. We shall see what we finally agree on.



  1. You make me feel so much beter!!! My son is only 2.5 and I already know what I want to do for his 5th birthday!!!! Hubby thinks I'm nuts :)

  2. I plan too the things they will get for certain birthday's. :)

  3. I'm the same way! ;-) I'm already planning our 10 year wedding anniversary. It's in about....6 years! :-p

  4. Meetup Monday visitor...I am really bad about planning things out. I want to do something special for my husband's 30th, plus we have our 5 year anniversary all happening in September...eeks!


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