Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bye Bye Baby Seat.

So not only is my baby going to be one in about a month, we outgrew our infant seat. I wanted to try and get through the first year with it, which was pretty close being that she is such a peanut. But she recently became to tall for it. So we pulled out the convertable seat tonight.

It's so big!! It's hard to check on her in the back now and I'm going to have a hard time seeing over it but it's safer for her now. I pulled out the neck rest that went with the infant seat and packed everything away. So so sad. I am not ready for this. She looks like such a big girl and so tiny all at the same time in her new seat.

We have to get another seat for our other car, but for now one will do. The Hubs said it is very easy to put in so if we have switch cars with it, it should be no problem. We plan on getting the Graco My Ride and putting this seat in our other car. The Graco my ride isn't as high up as this one and I should be able to see over it better. We plan on keeping her rear facing for as long as possible.

I just can't get use to this. She is growing way way to fast.

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