Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birthday Indecisions, Help!

I am in full swing party planning mode. I love party planning, wait scratch that. I love planning. I plan for everything, vacations a year away, vacations we haven't book and may or may not be going on. But I love planning parties. The decorations, the activities, the food, and cake.
I have decided that we will do a Lady Bug theme for her party. Etsy has been wonderful with ideas and decorations. I have a list of ideas and stuff to order for her party.

The Hubs and I were talking this morning about her 1 year photos. I have no clue what she should wear. I was thinking about doing a lady bug tutu for some of the pictures and a cute dress for some others. I would love to get her a cute 1st birthday onsie as well.

I keep going back and forth on the tutu. That is what she wore for her 6 month pictures. Some of them are on my banner. And you can see more here. So do I want to do it again for her 1 year photos?

So I need your expert opinion (cause really I can't make a decision to save my life lately). Should I do a tutu for her pictures? And if yes, here lies my other battle. What colors? Should I keep it traditional and do red and black? I like the Pink and green lady bug stuff, and really pink and black would be adorable. I'm a fan of pink and black in case you couldn't tell. Or should I not do a lady bug theme for her pictures. I found a seller that has adorable tutus in black and pink and blues and purples. Even the cutest little snowflake one. Adorable!

Such decisions. Also, if any of you have an rec for etsy sellers who sell hair bows, tutus, or birthday decorations I would be glad to hear them!!!

Party much fun!


  1. I love tutus. I think the lady bug would be cute. She won't be little like this ever again and you'll miss your opportunity to do something like that.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  2. I think the ladybug theme would be so adorable. I'd stick with red and black. So cute! Have fun planning. :)

  3. I love the lady bug theme! Go for it!

    ...stopping by from SITS...

  4. ooohh, you are speaking my language - party planning is the best - I just started a party business this year, if you check out my new blog it will link to some gorgeous party planning sites, Because I'm a girly girl too, I love your blog and followed - you can stalk (follow) me too @ and All the best - can't wait to hear your party planning update... jane

  5. She's young, enjoy her while you can. I'd do both, just in case you regret not doing something the other way.:)

  6. I like the red and black or the pink and black! And definitely a tutu for pictures! So cute! You could probably find a cute personalized ladybug shirt on Etsy and with jeans that would look cute too!

  7. Okay, the twins' room is decorated with ladybugs, so I'm partial to that!

    I love the tutu!

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