Thursday, July 15, 2010

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I choose Prompt #5 this week. It happened on Facebook. Honestly when I saw this prompt I could think of NOTHING until toady. After I had scrapped my original post on a different prompt and was reading someone eles's post on the facbook prompt it reminded me of this story.

I have a "friend" on facebook from high school. I use the word friend lightly. We were never friends in high school and one day out of the blue she requested to be my friend on facebook. So I said yes. Because I feel bad rejecting people I really do "know" and well you know people change as they get older. Maybe she wasn't that selfish stuck up brat from high school any more....

Like I said we were never friends in high school. We did have a mutual friend who told me one day that she was told by this "friend" that she did not like me. When asked why she didn't like me she couldn't come up with a reason. Just because. True story.

To make things easier we will call this "friend" Jill.

Any ways. So recently a mutual friend from high school just got married. We will call her Cathy. Jill decided to congratulate her on her recent nuptial by posting a message on her facebook wall. It went something along the lines of congratulations on your wedding tomorrow. By the way when you get a chance can I have my pink t-shirt back.

I thought that was odd and kind of weird to write on a Congratulations your getting married post. I didn't give it a second thought. Hey they could be really good friends.
Then Jill posted again a couple days after the wedding. Now Jill was married the year before on the same weekend to a guy who has a similar last name to Cathy's husbands name. Her post were along the lines of this (not an exact quote).
How come you want to be me? You get married on the same weekend as me and marry a guy with a similar last name as my husbands. Congrats again. Oh and wear is my pink shirt?!?!?!

OK, now probably this would have been harmless, but knowing how she was in high school and instead of saying congratulations to a friend that was just married you had to make it about yourself? Maybe some people really don't change as they get older.

Kathy never responded to Jill's wall posts.


  1. Some people are so weird! I wouldn't have responded to the posts either...

  2. Heck no! I wouldn't have responded to that message either-what a B!

    I'm the same way with the fbook stuff. There are a few people who I've just blocked so that when they add me & I reject them they don't have to see that we're still not "friends." I didn't want to be friends with them 8 years ago, I don't want to be friends with them now.

  3. stopping by from Chickadee Friday...

    I can't believe someone would do that - that is ridiculous!

    Some people NEVER grow up!

  4. Hello i also host a friday blog hop! Feel free to add yourself to the list any time! Im your newest follower!

    Have a wonderful Friday!



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