Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Way Back Wednesday - Halloween

The theme for Way Back Wednesday this week is Halloween/Costumes. I LOVE the fall. It is my favorite season. The cool but warm weather, the sweaters and jeans, the leaves changing, the smell of fall, and all the fall festivals and events. I love them all. I am excited that now I have Belle to dress up in costumes and celebrate the season with.

I have to say that the best costume from my childhood was the year that my brother went as a Bag of Jelly beans. My mom took a garabage bag cut holes for my brother's arms and legs. Once he was in it she filled it with balloons (jelly beans). I have no clue what I was this year. I think the traditional Princess. But I remember my brother's costume. I remember while we were out Trick or Treating my brother backed up into a bush. All you heard were balloons popping.

My mom made most of our costumes while we were kids. She would search the local GoodWill and design our costumes around what she found. My mom made a crayola orange crayon costume when my brother was young. For years she tried to get us to wear it but neither of us ever wanted to. She also made a pair of M&M costumes that my father, the hubs, and I have all worn at least once.

When I got older I wanted my traditional Princess Belle costume. So my amazing mom bought me a Belle dress. I wore that costume a lot. When I worked at Build A Bear I wore it for Halloween weekend, I wore it for 2 Halloween parties in a row. Which the party in 2005 is the one that the Hubs proposed to me. He waited until we were about to leave and I was in my Belle costume to propose. Sadly you can not see the dress in this picture, but you can see the Hubs (before he was the Hubs) in his "Pat" in the Hat costume.

Then our last Halloween as just us, we went as Vampires. I think I did a pretty good job on the Hubs make up.

And I leave you with pictures of Belle's first Halloween. I found her costume back in August of last year. We had no clue if she was even going to be here or home from the hospital for Halloween (I was due 10/21). But the Hubs let me buy it. She was here, a peanut, and was swimming in the costume, but she was the cutest little Lady Bug ever!

I haven't even thought of a costume for Belle for this year, and honestly I have NO ideas!! I'll have to wait and see what they come out with this year.


  1. Oooh lookit that little lady bug!! Soooo cute!!!

    And I wish I could see a pic of the bag of jellybeans, that sounds really awesome!

  2. She is so adorable!

    The vampire makeup is awesome!

  3. The jelly beans costume sounds awesome and I love your little ladybug :)


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