Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Belle Needs Her Own House!

Now that Belle is starting to crawl and get around we had a dilemma. We have absolutely no carpeting in our house. We also do not have air conditioning so with this heat wave poor Belle has been sticking to the floor. Blankets have not worked one bit. They slide all over and she gets tangled in them. For the last week we have been searching online for a good solution. We ended up finding the foam tiles that you can put together like a puzzle.

We looked in Target first and found nothing. Which really doesn't surprise me since in the last couple of weeks they have been out of both size 3 Pampers and Belle's formula. Of course we get the employee discount and I had a coupon for the formula so we had to go to another Target. Any ways we decided to look at Toys R Us last night. We ended up finding this:
It's 36 square feet which is much larger then the ones we were finding online and was on sale. Score! We grabbed it right away.

So problem solved right? Now Belle can play and crawl around while saving her skin and poor little knees. Not so much. Now we have to figure out where to put it. We have been moving the coffee table when Belle is playing in the living room. Which with the blankets was fine. I can quickly fold the blankets back up and put them away. But the mat needs to be assembled. And we can't leave it in the middle of the living room. (Our living room is not very big at all).

Maybe we need a bigger house for all of Belle's stuff...

And now it is officially time to pull out the gate for the kitchen too. My baby is getting to big!!!

We will have to figure something out. Were going to pull it out tonight and play on it. Belle feel asleep on our way to Toys R Us, and continued to sleep the whole time there and the whole ride home. She was out for the night so she didn't even get to play on it yet.

I can't wait to go home and put it together for her tonight!

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