Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Way Back Wednesday - First Jobs


This week's Way Back Wednesday is First Jobs. My first job was for a candy store in our local mall. I hated it and liked it all at the same time. I was 14 when I started and to have my own money coming in was nice. I was able to buy my own clothes and things, on the tiny little pay check that it was. I think minimum wage was like $5.15 or something ridic back then.

Any ways, we were allowed to eat whatever we wanted, as long as we finished it. Between helping the many rude people that stopped there we had to make some of the candy as well. Basically the candy we made there was stuff dipped in chocolate. Surprisingly with all the food I ate I didn't gain any weight. And scooping ice cream...the worse job ever!!!!

We had a lot of fun there, but the boss was a real jerk. And may I say a perv? He had all high school/collage aged girls working there. And that was it. No guys, no one older. Any ways we all dreaded when he came in. We called him an ommpa loompa (not sure how to spell that) because he truly looked like one. He was short and chubby with a red face and bright red hair and well he made candy....it fit.

So after working there, I finished high school and started working at a day care. I hated it at the time. Mainly because of the people I worked with. But miss teaching the kids. This day care I noticed a few months ago is no longer open, and honestly should not have been open when I was working there. It was truly a sad place which made me so anal over the day care we picked for Belle.

I left there and worked at the ever famous and loved by pretty much every child....Build A Bear Workshop or the Bear as we called it. I loved it there. We had so much fun and I made some great friendships and even met the Hubs there. I wish I had digital back then so I could post all the fun pictures but I didn't, and we don't have a scanner. It really was a fun place to work. And an expensive place to work. I have bags full of build a bears. Tons of them. Mostly all of them were limited edition or are now retired. And I guarantee all of them have a story that goes along with them. I can not wait to take Belle to make her own.

The first Christmas we had lines that were half way down the mall...and I am not exaggerating. The line was about 3 hours long. We had the most fun when it was like this. We entertained the people in line and the people in the store. Your shift flew by. Of course build a bear is for kids, so we had chants and songs we would yell. One of the stores a couple spots down hated us. Which only made us louder! That was the best Christmas there. The lines still get long and out the door some times, but never like that anymore. So much fun!


  1. LOL @ the Oompa Loompa!

    Build A Bear sounds like so much fun!

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  4. WBW follower....I did the ice cream store bit too...but small town not mall :)


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