Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rubber Duckie, You're Not The One....

Meet Ollie.

This is Belle's new bath time buddy. We can not start our baths with out Ollie anymore. She is immediately looking for him. Apparently he is fun to chew on. Instead of playing with Rubber Duckies, we like Octopuses.

Ollie is not just for the bath either. We must take Ollie with us to the bedroom to get dressed also. If we don't have Ollie then the whining starts. So it's like a game of Twister trying to get Belle dressed and her to keep Ollie in her hands. Even though she would much rather be chewing on Ollie.

Yet, by the time we are dressed she is over Ollie and doesn't even miss him when I hid him to finish up. It's to cute watching her nom on his litte legs. We have always been a fan of bath time but Ollie makes it that more fun. Belle thinks every one should have an Ollie for bath time!


  1. Hey there, thanks for following my blog! Looks like we have lots of the same taste. Same bathtub, same towels, we have all the Elyse stuff except the high chair. Your little one is a cutie!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Smyrna Baby! Your daughter is beautiful - and that bow! WOW - too cute!! Love the bath pictures - my baby girl just loves,loves, loves bath time! Looking forward to following you here (and on Twitter)!


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