Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First Mother's Day Gifts.

So for Mother's Day Patrick and Isabelle got me the necklace below. It's not the best picture but you can see what it looks like. The stone is blue in person. It's called a Nursing Necklace. I love it! It's made so that Belle can pull on it and the "chain" won't break. Perfect! Belle loves my necklaces and pulling on them as of late. Fun for her, not so fun for me and my necklaces.

I found it on etsy. If you have never heard of Etsy, I suggest you get your butt over there and take a look. It's a great website. I have gotten Belle's headband and bows that she sports and her beautiful tutu. If it can be handmade you can find it on this site! Any ways I got this necklace from seller Moon Dog Farm. She has all different shapes and colors. I plan on getting the pink one I found today!

I also got a "pearl" bracelet. It's not real pearls but I still love it. The Bug along with Ben Garilick Jewelers gave out cards to all the mommies for a free pearl bracelet for Mother's Day. So after much begging Patrick took me yesterday to go get one. I picked out the white one to go with my real pearl.

I have never been to Ben Garilick Jewelers but they were very friendly. They offered to clean all of my rings. My Cahalada ring hasn't been cleaned since 1998 when I got it. It's amazing how much it sparkles. And my wedding ring, wow it's like new again. We do stop into Zales a few times a year to have our rings cleaned but they never sparkle like this. I am in love with them all over again!

The best gift and by far my favorite gift came from my little peanut. She made me a bouquet of flowers out of her foot prints. I LOVE it. I teared up when I saw it in her little cubbie. Look at those little feet!!!

And I leave with you my perfect little girl sitting by herself in the high chair at Friday's. How cute is she????


  1. Happy Mother's Day! It was my first one too and my daughter's name is Isabella, which isn't Belle, but it's close ;) Are there really people who have never heard of Etsy lol.

    Stopping by from SITS


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