Friday, March 5, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

So it had been a while since I have updated. We haven't been completely busy but just exhausted at the end of the day. There isn't much time in the evenings to get on here an update sadly. Between making dinner and feeding Belle and getting some play time in. Then getting ready for bed and getting the diaper bag ready for the next day. Trying to throw laundry into the mix and then bath nights. It gets a little crazy.

Belle is now eating veggies. She has started with green beans. We gave her them last Saturday and she has had them every day since. Some days better then others. Miss. Danielle at school said she loved them on Wednesday but on Thursday she wasn't at all interested. Tomorrow we are going to switch over to peas and see how she likes them. She may not so we may end up back on green beans. Mommy and daddy are not fans of peas.

She is getting much much better at sitting supported. She was even sitting for a couple minutes last night supporting herself. Still no interest in rolling over yet. I love that she can crack herself up too. She thinks she is the funniest person. Also JD can get her to have great big belly laughs it's so cute. All he has to do is walk by.

This week at school is Dr. Suess week. Today they have a parade around the building. All the classrooms are having a best window competition this week. All the windows around the building have been decorated and the parents have to vote on the best one. we haven't walked around to take a look at all of them yet. We tried finding her classrooms window but we did not have luck in finding it. Yesterday the school had a special reading of the Cat In the Hat, but she's not there on Thursdays. But Wednesday they read Dr. Suess books in her classroom. She has a little friend at school named Peyton. But Belle is still the youngest there. When we picked her up on Wednesday she was on a buggy ride again. She really likes them and she is so adorable in the buggy with all of her friends. She was on one last Friday when we picked her up and she had fallen asleep. Daddy had to wake her to get her out. Too cute!

We scheduled her 6 month pictures and her Easter pictures for later this month. I can't wait, but I can't believe that she's going to be 6 months. I can't believe she was 5 months on Wednesday. Time is going really really quickly! The weekend of the telethon Patrick is staying at the hotel. So Belle and I are going to stay with him Saturday to Sunday. The hotel has a pool so I can't wait to take her swimming. I have to buy her a bathing suit, I think I'm just going to buy her 3-6 month suit so she can get use out of it into the summer. She's such a little runt! Of course there are a ton of cute suits out and it will be really hard to pick one out.

I have a bunch of pictures to update on. I am planning on getting it done on Saturday. I have her green bean pictures and her 5 month pictures to get up here.

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