Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Peanut is Growing Up!

So we started are below if you haven't seen them. It was a rough start but she is getting the hang of it. By her second feeding Sunday night she was starting to look for more. Now she opens her mouth for more. The tongue still gets in the way and we have to kinda push it down but were getting it. Last night didn't go so easy. She wasn't crying to eat yet and I decided to feed her a little earlier then the 4 hour mark. The 4 hour mark would have been 8:30 and it was bath night. So we decided to try doing the cereal first then the bottle, we have been doing bottle first. Yeah didn't work out so well. She got frustrated very very quickly cause she wasn't getting the food fast enough. So we gave her the bottle and she was happy. She didn't want to go back to the cereal afterwards. She was exhausted last night, another reason why I feed her early. We ended up skipping the bath because she was just so tired. She feel asleep by 8:30 and we let her sleep in our arms last night until we went to bed. She was all snugly and I didn't want to put her down.

So this weekend we will start veggies. Green beans or peas?? Neither look to appetizing haha. Today is her first day on cereal at school so we'll see how that goes.

The doctor woes continue. Her ultra sound come back normal showing nothing wrong. Great! But now our pediatrician wants us to go see a neurologist. We said no that were done with all the testing. They are basing it off of just her head measuring small. She has hit all her milestones that she should have by now, except rolling over but were sooooo close. Patrick emailed Uncle Paul and told him everything and gave him all the measurements and he said at this point we shouldn't need to see the neurologist. We go back in April for her 6 month well visit. We switched doctors so we will see how that goes. Please pray that her head is growing. I read that even if it stays on the same curve but is definitely growing then it shouldn't mean anything. So pray that her head is growing. The doctor has me all worried now that something is wrong with her. So I did some research, infants with heads below the 5th percentile just have small heads, its concern if they aren't even on the charts, which Belle is not. This is all so frustrating and the doctor has me wondering what if even though I know nothing is wrong with Belle. This is killing me. I hate it. Apart of me wants to see the neurologist just to prove and now 100% there is nothing wrong with Belle. And if there is something wrong, which I know these is not, I want to know. But we agreed to wait until her next appointment.

That said, Belle is doing great. Laughing and happy just as ever. We had to move her up into her 3-6 month snow suit this morning. She fits perfectly in the 0-3 one but it was a struggle to get her into it. This one took a second and she didn't fight me or cry. So much easier.

I have a couple new pictures to update on soon!!

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