Monday, February 1, 2010


We had a very busy weekend. Unfortunately we did not have a chance to take any pictures over the weekend. Belle still has her cold. Stuffy nose and cough. She slept very well last night though and we didn't have to clean out her nose until right before we were ready to leave this morning. Hopefully we are near the end of this cold.

Saturday she had her first play date with the baby across the street. Claire was sick so they didn't really get to play. They pretty much had a sleep over instead of a play date. We have to get them together once they are both not sick.

Yesterday we went over to Tricia's for dinner. Belle met Aunt Kathy, Uncle Mike and Megan. She slept for a good portion while we were there but learned how to play Bunco. She was loving watching the dice. It was pretty loud with all the dice hitting the table so she didn't sleep much while we were playing. But thats ok, cause she was Mommy's good luck charm.

I'm hoping to get some good pictures tonight and get them posted. There hasn't been any picture updates is a few days.

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