Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Little Camper in the Making

Belle is still all stuffed up. Day Care yesterday said that she wasn't stuffed up at all but we woke up with her this morning all stuffed up and coughing again. I have cleaned her nose out a couple of times but she is still stuffy. Poor thing. She's still happy though so thats all that matters.

At school yesterday she made Polar Bears out of her feet. She is really really liking school. Always so happy when we pick her up and drop her off. When we got there yesterday they were on a buggy ride. So so cute. She looked adorable all buckled up with her friends on a ride around the center. She was all smiles when we picked her up. We were joking when we got home and she woke up that she was mad at us cause she was playing with all her friends and is now back at home again. They posted all the babies birthdays on the window and she is by far the youngest there. The closest Birthday is June.

We think she is really really starting to teeth. She has been drooling for a very long time now, but today she has been putting everything in her mouth and drooling gallons!! She's not cranky or crabby at all so we will see. I don't think I'm ready for her to get teeth yet. She's growing up way to fast for me!

So last night we decided to go to the RV show. Belle loved looking at all the campers. She was great. We decided to just carry her instead of using the stroller so we could both look at them. It worked out great. We took turns holding her and she was the best baby. She never cried and never looked for her soothie even though it was attached to her the whole time. She can't wait to go camping this year!!!

I didn't get to take pictures last night so hopefully I can geta bunch today. Were going over to our neighbors tonight. They have a little girl that was born the day before Belle. I keep telling Belle she's going to meet her BFF today.

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