Thursday, June 6, 2013

Belle's Aquarium

One of the ocean crafts I had picked put for us to do was to make our own aquarium. This was pretty easy to make and I learned some things that I should not have done but you live and learn.
To start take two paper plates. Cut the middle circle out of only one of the plates. Then cut a circle from blue construction paper for your water. I also cut out some sand from brown construction paper and seaweed from green construction paper.
Belle glued the blue circle onto the middle of the non-cut plate. We also glued on the sand. We then used foam ocean stickers to decorate the water part of our ocean. Our ocean stickers included seashells, starfish, dolphins, and seahorses. Once Belle was happy with her stickers we glued on a couple of the seaweed I had previously cut out.
Now this is where I made my mistake. Next you staple the other paper plate that you had cut the center out of to the other plate, back facing out. I thought it looked really plain so I had Belle paint it. She chose to paint it pink. The plate kind of flattened out from the wet paint and ended up not laying right when I stapled the plates together. I would not paint it. When stapling the two plates together don’t forget to staple a bent pipe cleaner to the top so you can hand up your new aquarium.

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