Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Transportation Sensory Tub

I changed up our sensory tub to go along with all of our transportation fun. We will only have this for a week as we are moving to a different theme next week, but I thought she would have fun with this one for a little bit. Especially since she is loving all vehicles right now, cars, trains, trucks you name it she loves it.

What’s inside:

Black beans (for the road)
Brown Beads
Red, Yellow, and Green beads (think traffic lights)
Yellow pipe cleaner pieces (making a road)
Dump Truck
4 Wheeler
Blue silicone cup (not pictured)
Spoons (not pictured)

I really wanted to get some street signs to go in the tub but honestly we could not find them anywhere. We looked at Hobby Lobby, Toys R Us, Target, Michaels, and a local hobby store. Nothing. I should have looked on amazon to see if I could find something but we will only have it for a week so no big deal.

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