Monday, June 11, 2012

Outer Space Sensory Tub

This week we are traveling to outer space. I put together a new sensory tub for Belle. I was really excited to try this one out. I made home made moon dough for the base. So easy and super cheap. And Belle LOVED it!

What's inside:
Moon dough
Outer space toob
Glow in the dark stars
Silicone blue cups
Silicone star ice cube tray
Bucket and shovel

There is not as much as usual in this tub, but it didn't matter. Belle just loved playing in the moon dough. She asked what each figure was and we talked about it. I asked her if she knew where space was and told me yes, up in the sky. This totally suprised me as I really didn't think she had any idea. This kid surprises me every day.

We played with this one at the kitchen table as it is a bit messy. This week it is supposed to be nice out so I am hoping we can take it outside to play in so Belle can get into it a little easier.

Can you tell this one was a big hit?

Moon Dough recipe:

8 cups flour
1 cup baby oil
Mix until the flour turns into a moldable substance.

I doubled the batch for our tub which was a whole bag of flour. It could probably use a little more baby oil as well. It was nice the night I made it but when I pulled it out the next morning it was pretty crumbly.

The out come is a soft, smooth, silky dough that is really fun to dig into and build with. Belle loved it, and honestly I loved playing in it with her. I think after our outer space week I will transfer to moon dough into a smaller tote to have on hand all the time for Belle.

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