Thursday, May 10, 2012

Outdoor Garden Sensory Tub

For our Garden theme I decided to make two Sensory Tubs. One is for indoors and the other is for outside and will most likely remain our garden tub all summer.

We do not have a garden in our back yard and I really wanted some sort of garden area for Belle. I decided to make Belle her own garden sensory tub.

What’s inside:
Potting Soil (organic so no chemicals and stuff)
Gardening tools (pink of course)
Watering Can
2 Flower Pots
Pumpkin Seeds
Watermelon Seeds
Onion Seeds
Knee cushion
Fake Flowers (not pictured)

I picked up a small bag of organic potting soil and a smaller tote then the one we use in her playroom. I wasn’t really thinking when I picked out the seeds. I picked pumpkin because I knew they were bigger and a light color. Easy to find in the soil. Then I must have stopped thinking because I picked up a packet of watermelon seeds and a packet of onion seeds. Those were lost in the soil in the first minute of playing in it.

I picked up some silk gerbera daisies earlier this week but it has been raining all week so I haven’t been able to put them in the tub. Plus she hasn’t been able to play with it all week. Hopefully the rain stops soon and we can get back outside.

Next week I will show you our indoor Sensory tub.

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