Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Doing The Potty Dance

We decided months ago after talking with Belle’s doctor to wait and potty train her after our trip. With driving from NY to Florida it would be too much for her. We didn’t want to put her in a spot where she would need to go right then and be nowhere near a bathroom. We didn’t want to put her in a diaper or pull up for the car ride either since it would just confuse her. Our best option was to just wait.

I have always said that Belle has her own plans, and she has proved it once again. She started asking to go on the potty about 2 weeks ago. So before bath/bed I would sit her on the potty. She never went but it got her use to the routine. Again we were not actively trying but I didn’t want to ignore her when she asked to sit on the potty. Then last week Tuesday she asked at school to sit on the potty and went! We took her out after we picked her up and bought her a toy (which she ended up not getting that night, but that’s a whole other story). Belle went again on Wednesday and on Friday had dried diapers and went on the potty every time. Great! We were thrilled. Now only if she would go at home. When we got home Friday I went to put her right on the potty but she had already gone in her diaper same at bed time. Ok, fine. We have all weekend. Yeah, she didn’t go once all weekend long.

I was disappointed that she would not go at home for us but wasn’t making a big deal out of it. It was still  two weeks from our vacation and honestly not the time to be potty training. On Monday she tried at school but never actually went. Ok, maybe last week was just a fluke then?

Last night Belle went on the potty at home for the first time! She wanted a sticker (she is obsessed with stickers) so I have her one. Then this morning she went again (with a dry diaper) before leaving for school. Again she wanted a sticker. I am running out of stickers here. So we shall see how she does today at school. The Hubs and I decided that every time she goes potty she can have a sticker. Once she gets 5 stickers she can get a prize. For her prize I am going to buy a bag of the small containers of play-doh. We will let her pick whatever color she wants.

Belle’s grandma is getting her a potty and travel potty seat for her birthday. We will definitely need the travel seat for Disney now. Who’ not yet two year old decides to potty train themselves?

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