Friday, July 15, 2011

The End.

This morning at 12:01, marked an end of an era. This morning Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiered. No more Harry Potter books, and now no more Harry Potter movies. The Hubs and I will be going to see the last installment tonight and it is such a bitter sweet moment. I cannot wait to see the movie, but in the same breath I am sad that this is it.

Who would have thought that 14 years after the first book was released that millions of people across the world would be standing in line to see a movie based on wizards. Harry Potter gave a new love to reading to a generation who would rather play video games.

I will miss getting lost in the pages of the Harry Potter books, crying when beloved characters died and cheering when Harry won his first Quidditch game. I will miss entering that secret world of wizardry and getting lost in the adventures.

I can promise that Harry Potter will not end in our house. I cannot wait for the day when Belle and I can curl up and read Harry Potter together. A new generation to fall in love with the Harry Potter world. To appreciate reading and to get lost in the story.

Thank you Harry for bringing years of entertainment to millions of people. For introducing so many kids to reading, and to prove that reading can be fun. We will miss your stories.

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